• CSASE LOGO Membership in the Colorado Springs Association of School Executives (CSASE) is $20 annually.  Membership dues can be paid using D11 Professional Development Funds (PDF) or by check or cash.  New members need to complete the membership application.  If paying by check or cash for first year dues, please mark on the form that you will be sending a check to the CSASE Treasurer using the D11 interoffice/pony mail.

    Renewal payments for members will be processed with an automatic deduction of $20.00 from their PDF. Members can opt out of the automatic re-enrollment process by using the Membership Opt Out form located on the CSASE Members Site by August 1st of that year.  The treasurer will be notified of the opt-out and dues will not be charged to the member's PDF for that year.  If you wish to pay by cash or check each year, the opt-out form will need to be completed also.

    Membership Application

    2023-2024 Board
    Jeremiah Johnson (2023-2025)
    Vice President
    Tanya Nash (2023-2025)

    Duane Roberson (2022-2024)
    Anna Stewart-Birchfield (2023-2025)
    Business Representative
    Julie Torres (2023-2025)
    General Admin Representative
    Dana Hutchins (2023-2025)
    Instructional Representative
    Mykel Donnelly Knight (2022-2024)
    High School Representative
    Middle School Representative
    Jarrod Torrez (2023-2025)
    Elementary Representative
    Stacy Brisben (2023-2025)
    Technology Representative
    Kathy New  (2022-2024)
    At Large Representative
    Linda Sanders (2023-2025)
    Alternative Schools Representative
    Mary-Catherine Ruben-Clapper (2023-2025)
  • Educator of the Year Award Winners

    The Educator of the Year award recognizes a non-school based D-11 Executive Professional who has contributed significantly to our goal of student achievement. 

    2023  Darren Joiner



  • Charles Gaul Memorial Award Winners

    The Charles Gaul Award recognizes a school-based D-11 Executive Professional (such as Principals, Assistant Principals, Athletic Directors) who has contributed significantly to our goal of student achievement.

    2023   Christina Butcher