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    August 2019

    Hello Falcon families! Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!! We are so excited to see our students and families again. We extend a warm welcome our new students and their families.

    Freedom Elementary is a student-centered learning environment. It is a place where learners experience multiple ways to learn with lots of opportunities for input into their own learning. With our Maker-Space workshop in the portable and our Innovation Lab in the media center, students will have hands-on experiences through STEM activities. Students will continue to share their learning through Exhibitions of Learning; a process where students learn, create, receive feedback and reflect.

    Social/Emotional learning: We are excited to introduce the Social Emotional curriculum Random Acts of Kindness this year. We will integrate this program with our Capturing Kids Hearts strategies. Capturing Kids Hearts is the basis of how we conduct ourselves and how we treat each other in order to create a collaborative culture at our school.

    Staffing Changes: We have some changes for our year. We will no longer have Spanish as a special. Instead, Mr. Greenlaw will move the classroom as a 3rd grade teacher. Please welcome our new teachers!

    Mr. Greenlaw: 3rd Grade

    Mrs. Thorne: Kindergarten

    Mrs. Kleinheksel:1st Grade

    Mr. Helfer: Gifted and Talented

    Mrs. Szpyrka: English Language Learning

    Morning Huddle: New for this year is our Morning Huddle! All students will go to the gym at the beginning of each day. Instead of students gathering on the upper playground and lining up when the bell rings, all students will go to their designated class spot in the gym. Not only will this increase the safety and security of our students, it allows the Freedom family to start the day together. Morning announcements, quick celebrations, Word of the Week and the Pledge of Allegiance will all be a part of Morning Huddle. Students will be dismissed directly from Morning Huddle to go to class. Morning Huddle replaces the morning announcements, and it eliminates a lot of confusion on Yellow Flag days. No matter what the weather is, students in Kindergarten through 5th grade will gather in the gym. The primary goal for Morning Huddle is to increase our connections with each other as a community of learners.

    Beginning of the first day of school, all students will gather in the gym. Students will look for their teacher. Teachers will be holding a sign with their name on it, so students will know where to go. Parents are welcome to join the Morning Huddle, (especially on the first day of school) but will need to sign in and put on a visitor sticker. There will be tables in the front of the school where parents/families can sign in and get a visitor sticker.

    Students who arrive to school on the blacktop playground at the top of school will walk down the sidewalk by the soccer field and enter the school through the double doors on the side of the building. There will be a staff member at those doors. Students arriving on the busses will walk down the sidewalk and enter the gym through the gym double doors at the front of the school. There will be a staff member at the gym doors and at the front double doors. Students who are dropped off in the front of the school will enter the gym through the gym double doors. Parents who enter the building will enter through the front double doors and will sign in by the front office.

    7:45: Gym doors open 7:55 First bell and beginning of Morning Huddle 8:05 Morning Huddle ends. Students go to class with teacher

    “We dare to empower the whole student to profoundly impact our world” is the new D11 mission statement. At Freedom, our motto “Dare to be Remarkable” aligns quite well with the new D11 mission statement. We can’t wait to see your families and our students at our teacher Meet and Greet on August 13th from 4:00 to 5:00. Class lists will be posted at 4:00 on August 13th and will be available by logging into the Parent Portal. The PTA is sponsoring a Boo Hoo/Ya Hoo Breakfast on the first day of school in the flex room. It will begin at 8:10. More information about individual classrooms and the nuts and bolts of Freedom will be a part of our Open House; September 5th 6:00 to 7:30.


    With warm regards, 


    Sandra Park, Principal, and the Freedom Falcon Staff



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