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    How to Apply

    STEP 1. To begin the application process, click apply here (school year 2021-2022) and complete the Preliminary Application Form. You must have a valid Google account to log into the application. This is to verify your email and provide you a copy of the application responses. If you don't have a Google account, you can create one here. In the event, your student has an ALP, 504, IEP or any other educational documentation, please have a digital copy ready for upload. 

    Step 2. Sign up for Accuplacer testing using this link. 

    Step 3. Sign up for Pikes Peak Community College's adaptive study tool, EdReady, using this link. When you are signing up, please note the "S #" is not a required field. When prompted for a "Key Goal," please use the following Odyssey ECCO codes: Math goal key "ecco050fa20" and  English goal key "ecco092fa20". Students, please sign up using your D11 email, as we might be able to use your EdReady scores to qualify you if you test at "85% +" or study to an "85% +".  Regardless, we are asking students to take the diagnostic tests and study between 2-5 hours using EdReady. Case studies show significantly better accuplacer placement scores for early college students using EdReady, especially in math.  

    Step 4. Take the Accuplacer test. Once Accuplacer testing is complete, your Preliminary Application will be reviewed by the Leadership Team and/or Principal. You will be notified via email and/or a phone call of the status of your application. 

    Please Note: Completing the application process does not guarantee we will recommend your student for our program. We want to ensure that all of our students are ready for our rigorous college-level courses. 

    Thank you for your interest in Odyssey ECCO!





  • General Enrollment Questions: 

    Renee Lacey

    Odyssey ECCO Administrative Assistant to the Principal 
    Phone: 719-328-2031
    Email: renee.lacey@d11.org


    Accepted Application Questions:


    Mickey Midcap

    Odyssey ECCO Registrar
    Phone: 719-328-2025
    Email: michaelmary.midcap@d11.org