In general, Sabin will adhere to the District Eleven BOE policies when determining consequences for student behavior.
    LUNCH DETENTIONS (LD) – A student may receive a lunch detention from the classroom teacher for tardies or level I disciplinary infractions. Administrators may also assign lunch detention. Students serving administrative lunch detention will eat in the ISD room.
    BEFORE-SCHOOL AND AFTER-SCHOOL DETENTION (BSD AND ASD) – Level II disciplinary infractions (including repeated level I infractions) may earn a student a BSD or an ASD. Teachers may assign a BSD or ASD to be held in their own classroom. Administrators may assign BSD or ASD to be held in the ISD room. The staff member assigning BSD or ASD will attempt to contact the parent or guardian by phone, giving at least 24-hours notice for the student to arrange for transportation. Failure to show for BSD or ASD will result in additional disciplinary action, including in-school detention (ISD) or out-of-school suspension (OSS). Repeated level II behaviors will be viewed as open, persistent defiance of proper authority and will be referred to the administration as a level III disciplinary infraction.
    IN-SCHOOL DETENTION (ISD) – is a half-day or full-day detention (depending on the circumstances) that can be assigned by an administrator as a consequence for level II disciplinary infractions. It is served in the ISD room. The assistant principal will contact the parent by phone if possible or, otherwise, in writing. Students are expected to show up for ISD prepared with materials and work for the duration. If further discipline infractions occur while the student is in ISD, the student will be suspended out of school.
    OUT-OF-SCHOOL SUSPENSION (OSS) AND REMEDIAL DISCIPLINE PLANS (RDPs) – Students may be suspended out of school by the administration for level II infractions and will be suspended out of school for level III disciplinary infractions (including repeated level II infractions) for periods from one to five days. Level II fighting typically results in suspension. Suspended students are not permitted on any District property during the period of suspension. Students are allowed to receive credit for work completed during the time of suspension.
    A parent conference is required for re-admittance after suspension. A Remedial Discipline Plan will be developed during the readmit conference. After the third level III strike on an RDP, a student may be referred to the Office of Student Discipline as a level IV Habitually Disruptive Student for consideration of expulsion.
    Parents may request to attend school with students in lieu of a level II suspension. This option must be cleared through the principal's office. This option is not available for level III suspensions.
    EXPULSION – Level IV behavioral infractions require a five-day suspension (that may be extended an additional five days by the District) and a referral to the District's Office of Student Discipline for consideration of expulsion. A third strike on a student's RDP could be considered a level IV infraction as an habitually disruptive student. A second fight within a school year also may be grounds for consideration of expulsion. Periods of expulsion can run to the end of the semester, to the end of the academic year, or for 365 days depending on the circumstances. Students may not be on any District Eleven property or attend any District Eleven event during the period of expulsion. If a student is expelled, he/she may not attend any public (including charter) school in the state of Colorado.