CELL PHONES – must be off and out of sight. Cell phones are a blessing and a curse. Inconsiderate or immature cell phone owners can cause an exceptional amount of disruption in school with ringtones, texting or web browsing in class, inappropriate photos, loss due to theft or carelessness, etc. However, we recognize that cell phones have become an integral part of our culture. So, unless the teacher is having students use them in class, cell phones must be turned off and kept out of sight. Cell phones may be turned back on once the school day ends and the student has left the building. Cell phones will be allowed in the gym during after-school athletic events. Any phones that are not in compliance with this policy will be confiscated. The student may pick up his/her phone for the first offense. A parent or guardian will need to come
    and pick up a confiscated phone for the second offense. For third offenses, a parent or guardian will need to pick up the phone and the student will not be allowed to have a phone on school grounds for the remainder of the quarter. Sabin does not accept any responsibility or liability for cell phones.

    PHONE CALLS – We understand that in cases of emergency parents need to contact their children. However, we appreciate parents keeping these interruptions to a minimum. The preferred way is for parents to drop off a note that can be sent to the student or to call and leave a message with the main office (328-7000) and we can have the student call the parent back.

    TOYS – Sabin defines “toys” as any items that are distracting or have the potential to distract the student or others in the classroom. Dolls, stuffed animals, electronic devices (radios, iPods, MP3s, or CD players, Gameboys, PSPs, etc.), trading or fantasy cards, water-guns, and similar items are not to be brought to school. Sabin does not accept any responsibility or liability for any of these items if a student chooses to bring them to school. Students who do not follow this policy may have their items confiscated and parents will need to come in to reclaim them. It will be the student's responsibility to notify a parent that these items need to be picked up. Continued violation of this policy will result in administrative consequences.

    HARMFUL OBJECTS – Students who posses or use items that have the potential of harming others will also receive consequences from the administration. Spitballs and shooters, rubber bands for shooting, "hornets‟ or "paper wasps‟ (paper folded into a dart shape and shot with a rubber band) fall into this category.

    LASER POINTERS – get their own heading because they are classified as "Standard Weapons‟ by the District's Office of Student Discipline due to the potential of serious injury. Possession or use of a laser pointer by a student requires a mandatory suspension.