• We are thrilled to announce that Sabin will receive $40K from Verizon to create our Verizon Learning Lab, which will open in January 2018!  This space will have 3-D printers, sewing machines, a laser cutter, vinyl cutter, among other tools and supplies.  

    Our vision of this makerspace is to create a culture of making at Sabin where students are engaged in powerful learning by creating, inventing, tinkering and engineering.  Using design thinking to solve real-world problems that resonate with our students, we want to empower them to make a difference in their communities and the world, resulting in creative, confident learners that go on to do great things.

    Maker education parallels Sabin's 5-year vision, aligned with Next Gen Learning and the evolution of a STEAM mindset, designing tasks that are strengths based and interest driven and leveraging technology to access, engage in, and express their understanding in a meaningful way.   

    Our vision is to create more than just a space, but to create a new way of learning at Sabin Middle School, one where students are engaged in crafting real solutions to real problems.

learning lab