Meet Our Staff

  • Josh Shafer

    Interim Director - Student Support and Engagement

    The Director of Student Support and Engagement supports our schools in the enforcement and application of federal, state, and local laws regarding student discipline. In addition, the director partners with the Student Support and Engagement Steering Committee in reviewing and helping to maintain School Board policies regarding student discipline.  The director also serves as part of the District Eleven Restorative Practices Implementation Leadership Team.

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    Megan Savala

    Administrative Specialist

    As a member of the Office of Student Support and Engagement, Megan is responsible for fielding calls regarding discipline issues, scheduling expulsion due process hearings, and supporting students and families throughout the expulsion period.  Her background in social work allows her to consider the needs of students and families to make community resource referrals that support students to be effective members of our D-11 community. Megan also supports administrators, registrars, and other departments concerning discipline processes and procedures.   She is a vital part of the team and ensures confidentiality.


    Karrie Wymer

    Attendance Coordinator

    As a Student Support and Engagement Office member for seventeen years, Karrie assists with attendance, truancy, and compliance with Colorado Compulsory Attendance Law.  She ensures that no student loses educational opportunities as a result of absences. The major priority is to investigate attendance matters, reduce student absenteeism and tardiness, and prevent students from dropping out or leaving school prior to graduation. She also coordinates and supervises the work of attendance administrators and staff as part of the training and legal process for truancy.  Karrie loves to travel, hike, paint, and play volleyball during her free time.

    Lossie Ortiz

    Restorative Practices Specialist

    Lossie has been with District Eleven for 37 years!  He was a math teacher for the first 23 years of his career and has since been a restorative practitioner.  His first five years were at North Junior High and the remainder was at Palmer High School.  Currently, as a member of the Student Support and Engagement Office, Lossie works as the Restorative Practices Specialist.  Some of his hobbies are spending time with his family, enjoying nature, walking his dog, and reading.

    Valerie King

    Teacher – Extended Learning Program, Homebound, PIVOT

    Valerie has been in education for 17 years in a variety of roles, but she has been with District Eleven for the last 16 years. As a member of the Student Support and Engagement Office, her role is teaching students in the Extending Learning Program (ELP), Homebound, and PIVOT programs and supporting their families.  In her off time she enjoys hiking with her dogs.

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    Ellen Hegdal

    Teacher – Extended Learning Program, Homebound

    Ellen has 20 years of experience in the teaching profession, which 8 years with District 11, and has degrees in English and Anthropology from Colorado State University.  “Teaching at-risk students most of my career has offered me unique opportunities and challenging, but gratifying, experiences.”  As part of the Student Support and Engagement Office, Ellen teaches students in the Extended Learning Program, as well as the Homebound program.

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    Jessie Johnson

    K-8 Student Engagement Specialist

    Jesse has been in the field of education for 14 years working at the primary, secondary, and collegiate levels. For the past 4 years, she has been working with District Eleven.  Currently in the Office of Student Support and Engagement, Jesse says "I am learning from and enjoying my position in D11 as a K-8 Engagement Specialist."  She loves spending time enjoying the outdoors in our beautiful state with her family.

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    Sarah Wilson

    K-8 Student Engagement Specialist

    In the Office of Student Support and Engagement, Sarah serves as a K-8 Engagement Specialist for District Eleven. She has been in education for 9 years and has been with District Eleven for the past 5 years.  Sarah has a background as a school counselor and is passionate about collaborating with schools across the district and partnering with teachers, counselors, administration, and staff to develop initiatives to further engage our students. Sarah attended Montana State University Bozeman, where she earned a degree in Family Science and Child Services. She then earned her Master's degree in Education-School Counseling from Northern Arizona University.  During Sarah's free time, she loves to travel and go on outdoor adventures with her husband and son.