World Languages in District 11

    Elementary Schools

    • All students at Midland Elementary (IB) have Spanish classes at least weekly.


    Middle Schools

    • World Languages and Cultures and Intro to Spanish are offered at Holmes, Jenkins, North (also Intro to Chinese and French), Russell and Sabin middle schools
    • A full year of Spanish is offered at Holmes, Jenkins, North, and RussellHello World
    • North also offers a full year of French and Chinese


    High Schools offer Levels 1—5

    • Coronado offers French, German, Spanish (Including AP for every language)
    • Doherty offers French, German and Spanish (Including AP for every langauge)
    • Early College offers Spanish
    • Mitchell offers Spanish and Japanese (Including AP Spanish)
    • Palmer offers French, German, American Sign Language, Spanish and Chinese (IB or IB Course Candidacy)