World Languages in District 11

    Elementary Schools

    • All students at Midland Elementary (IB/PYP) have Spanish classes at least weekly.


    Middle Schools


    High Schools offer Levels 1—5

    • Coronado High School offers French, German, Spanish (Including AP for every language)
    • Doherty High School offers French, German and Spanish (Including AP for every langauge)
    • Odyssey Early College and Career Options (Odyssey ECCO) offers Spanish 111, 112, 211 & 212
    • Mitchell offers Spanish and Japanese (Including AP Spanish & Spanish for Spanish Speakers)
    • Palmer High School offers French, Spanish, & Chinese (MYP, DP or IB Course Candidacy), German (AP) Spanish for Spanish Speakers, American Sign Language


    * International Baccaleaurate (IB), Middle Years Program (MYP), Primary Years Program (PYP), Diploma Program (DP) 

    * Advanced Placement (AP)