Math Department

  • Doherty mathematical courses conform to the latest recommendation of the Colorado Academic Standards, which require a synergy between mathematical content and mathematical practices. The primary goals of the Mathematics Program is to learn, communicate, and reason mathematically, thereby enabling students to become confident mathematical problem solvers.

    The courses follow the approach of making mathematics relevant by using math skills in a problem-solving environment. All students’ mathematical learning will embody the concepts that engagement in mathematics is essential, and that decision-making, risk-taking, cooperative work, perseverance, self-assessment, and self-confidence are frequently keys to success.

    Doherty’s Math Department offers a wide range of classes including Pre-AP Algebra 1/2, Pre-AP Geometry and Algebra 3/4. In addition, there are several electives to choose from including Math Analysis and Trigonometry (MA Trig), Functions Statistics and Trigonometry (FST), Statistics and Consumer Math. Additionally, Doherty offers dual-enrollment opportunities in Precalculus,  AP Statistics, AP Calculus, and AP Calculus II/III.


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