Risk Management for District 11 is the model provider of  insurance, claims management, and reduction of losses. We provide best-value services to maximize flow of dollars to the classroom to enhance student achievement.
    To protect against accidental loss or losses which would significantly affect personnel, property, the budget, or the ability of District 11 to continue to fulfill its responsibilities, and, 
    To apply the risk management process which includes:
    • systematic and continuous identification of loss exposures,
    • the analyses of exposures in terms of frequency and severity,
    • the application of sound risk control procedures, and,
    • the financing of risk,
    • such that lowering the cost of risk provides more dollars to the classroom

    If you have any questions please contact our Risk Manager at the number below.

    Jessica Reijgers,  Director Risk Related Activities
    (719) 520-2491

Risk Management Resources