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    During this plan year, you will once again be given the opportunity to take part in the Health Promotion Program. Participation is completely voluntary, but the goal is to help you establish a relationship with a Primary Care Physician, improve and maintain your health, and keep your health benefits affordable and sustainable.  

    You will automatically be enrolled in the Platinum Health Plan for the next year (7/1/2023-6/30/2024) if: 

    • You AND your covered spouse (if applica­­­­­­­ble) successfully complete the Health Promotion Program (as outlined below) - or - 
    • You were a new hire and enrolled in the medical plan on or after 1/1/23.  

    If you do not successfully complete the Health Promotion Program, you will automatically be enrolled in the Base Health Plan for next plan year (7/1/2023-6/30/2024).  


    To qualify for the Platinum Health Plan for next fiscal year (7/1/2023 - 6/30/2024), all D11 health plan participants AND covered spouses need to INDIVIDUALLY complete the steps outlined below. Mojo Points are assigned to each step, and the employee and covered spouse will need 400 Mojo points EACH (total of 800 points).  

    IT’S AS EASY AS…  

    1. Log into your MyMedwellness portal and SCHEDULE your individual Comprehensive Nurse Evaluation BEFORE February 1, 2023.

    *** EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – Earn 25 extra MOJO points just for scheduling and completing your call prior to 12/23/2022 *** 

    2. COMPLETE the Comprehensive Nurse Evaluation call by April 14, 2023. 

    3. COMPLETE the Nurse Assigned Activities by May 15, 2023. 


    Confirmation: when BOTH the employee AND covered spouse (if applicable) EACH earn 400 MOJO points, an email confirming that you have earned the Platinum Plan will be sent to the email address designated on your MyMedwellness portal.  

    STEPS TO EARN MOJO POINTS (BETWEEN 7/1/2022-5/15/2023) 

    Click HERE for a 2-page PDF  

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    Individual results of this process are completely confidential. Colorado Public Education Health Plan and District 11 will only see an aggregate report and will not have access to individual results.

    Risk Score/Level explanation

    When you speak with your Nurse at HealthCare Strategies to complete your comprehensive nurse evaluation, you will receive the assignments you will need to earn your additional 325 MOJO points. Before the nurse assigns your activities, the nurse may reference your “risk level.”

    A risk level is a score based on many different factors, which include things such as; current health conditions, adherence to testing and/or procedures that are necessary to manage those conditions, lab test results, preventative care services, and whether all medications are being taken as prescribed.

    The risk score relies heavily on medical claims that are generated when you see your physician, fill a prescription, or get other testing done.  All recommended tests and procedures are based on national medical guidelines for the gold standard of care for any given health condition.

    Your nurse will talk to you about your risk score and provide information on ways to keep it as low as possible.  The nurse will also be able update any information that is not current, and these updates may result in a change to your overall risk score/level.

    The nurses at HealthCare Strategies are committed to assisting you on a path to better health or maintaining the great health you have worked so hard to achieve.

    HealthReach Program

    Depending upon your risk level, you may be enrolled in the HealthReach program.  You will be assigned a Care Manager who will speak with you regularly throughout the year to help you reach your health goals. 

    If you are enrolled in this program, you will be required to actively participate in order to qualify for platinum plan eligibility.


    What is HealthReach?

    HealthReach is a specialized health education, coaching, and support program.  Nurses work directly with members to address their specific health concerns and provide individualized information and coaching that can assist a person in effectively decreasing their risk for serious medical complications.  The nurse reaches out every 4-6 weeks until the member and nurse collaboratively decide that the person has met the goals that they identified at the beginning of the program.

    Why am I being told that I have to do HealthReach to receive my MOJO points?

    Members that are identified as being at risk level 3 are required to do HealthReach as part of their activities to earn MOJO points.  The HealthReach program can provide more individualized coaching and support for specific health issues.

    I’m talking to the nurse regularly. Why are my MOJO points not showing up on the portal?

    If you are a participant in the HealthReach program, your MOJO points will not show up until the deadline for completing program assignments (May 15, 2023). This is because a person needs to be an active participant in the program to receive the points, and that can only be measured at the deadline for assignments.  However, if you are an active participant and complete your HealthReach case prior to the program deadline (your nurse will refer to that as graduating from the program), then you will see your points appear at that time.

    A nurse assigned me a wellness challenge. Does the challenge start the day the nurse assigned the challenge to me?

    No, the nurse is assigning you the challenge. When you want to start the challenge, please make sure to log into your account and join the challenge. The day you join the challenge will be the start of the challenge for you.

    Do my log in credentials change each year?

    Your log in credentials will remain the same from year to year.

    Does my spouse need to complete the nurse evaluation call as well?

    Yes, both you and your spouse need to complete the nurse evaluation call.

    If I did not schedule an appointment with the nurse on 2/1/2023, will I still be able to complete the Health Promotion Program? 

    No, you must log on to your portal to schedule a call with the nurse by 2/1/2023 or you will not be eligible to complete the rest of the program to qualify for the Platinum Plan. 





    Website: CLICK HERE

    **If you completed the Health Promotion Program last plan year, you will log in using the username and password you created.

    if this is your first time logging in, use the information below: 

    Username: Individual Member ID # found on your health plan card

    Password:  6-digit date of birth (MMDDYY)

    **The employee and spouse will have SEPARATE accounts**



    February 1, 2023: Last day to schedule your individual comprehensive nurse evaluation. 

    April 14, 2023: Last day to complete your individual comprehensive nurse evaluation. 

    May 15, 2023: Last day to complete and enter nurse-assigned activities.