• Are you planning to Retire soon?  Do you know what you need to do to prepare?  The check list below will help you make some important changes regarding your benefit elections and Medicare enrollment.

    How to Prepare for Retirement


    1. 3-5 years' prior to your retirement, make sure that your premium deductions are changed to "After-Tax" to maximize your Highest Average Salary (HAS). This election can only be made during the Open Enrollment period by making your on-line election of "After-Tax".
    2. Stop any "Before-Tax" deductions such as Flex Spending to maximize your last 3-5 years of salary.
    3. If you or your spouse are eligible for Medicare B, be sure to enroll before your official retirement date or end of transition year. Until you stop working, you are not required to enroll in the Part-B.
      •  Medicare will assess a penalty if you do not enroll at eligibility.  
      •  PERA will require the Part-B if eligible when you apply for coverage
      •  Medicare Part-A is free if you have the required quarters for eligibility.
    4. Log on to to access your PERA information.  Use the PERA retirement calculator to estimate your retirement monthly benefit.
    5. Attend at least one of the PERA scheduled meetings.  Meetings are listed in the Colorado PERA Schedule of Meetings mailed to all active members twice a year and on the Colorado PERA's web site.  You can also schedule an appointment directly with PERA.
    6. You may also want to contact PERA about Purchasing Service Credit.  This is a great way to increase your PERA years of service.  PERA's 401k funds can also be used to purchase Service Credits.


    U.S. Social Security Administration - 1-800-772-1213
    Local Offices:
    1049 N. Academy Blvd = 719-597-2770

    3628 Citadel Dr. N. = 719-574-9279

    Colorado  PERA  1-800-759-7372
    1301 Pennsylvania St, Denver
    1120 West 122nd Ave., Westminster

    Having trouble understanding all the options and piles of paper being sent to you?  Pikes Peak Area Council has a great Senior Assistance program specifically designed to help you through this process.  They understand the Medicare programs and have worked with many District 11 employees.   This is a free service available to our seniors.

    Pikes Peak Area Council of Government - Senior Assistance for Insurance

    14 S Chestnut St.

    Colorado Springs, CO  80905                        
    (719) 471-2096

    Don't be caught off guard, get ready for the Best Years of your life!