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    OptumRX Customer Service: 800-880-1188  

    Pharmacy List/mail-order: https://www.optumrx.com/public/landing

    The prescription drug program included under our health plan is administered through OptumRX.  The mail-order program for long-term prescriptions is set up to save you time and money.  Not all prescriptions are available through the mail order program.  Short-term prescriptions will be refiled at your local pharmacy.  Be sure to review the Prescription Home Delivery documents below for additional information.

    Did you know that some medications are covered at a $0 Copay? Bring this list to your doctor to discuss your options. Prescription must be written for 90-days and must be filled through OptumRX Mail Order.

    Enhanced Benefit List- $0 Co-Pay Medication List (updated 3-2021)

    It is the member’s responsibility to verify with your doctor that all prescriptions sent to OptumRX are for 90 days. 


      30-Day Copay 90-Day Copay
    Generic $10 $20
    Brand Name $30 $75
    Non-Formulary $45 $120
    Specialty / Injectables / IV Medical Deductible/Coinsurance Not Available

    *Prescription deductible is waived when filling generic and Speciality.     

    Filling Your Prescription at a Retail Pharmacy

    Present your prescription to one of the Optum's participating pharmacies along with your OptumRX ID card. The pharmacist will use the membership and plan number on your ID card to enter your prescription into the pharmacy system. This information is electronically sent to OptumRX for coverage and cost verification. The correct price of the prescription is calculated and returned to the pharmacist. You will be billed the standard 30-day supply copayment.   

    OptumRx® and Walgreens make it easy for you to get your maintenance medications. The OptumRx Select90 Saver program allows you to get 90‑day supplies of your medications at nearly 8,200 Walgreens pharmacies or through OptumRx home delivery — the choice is yours!

    If you choose a Walgreens pharmacy 

    • At Walgreens with your member ID card — Call or visit Walgreens pharmacy and show your member ID card. They will help you fill a 90-day supply of your medication.
    • Online — Register at walgreens.com and follow the simple instructions.
    • Mobile — You can transfer by scan with Walgreens mobile app.
    • ePrescribe — Your doctor can send an electronic prescription.

    What Select90 Saver means for you:


    You may pay less for your medication with a 90‑day supply.


    A pharmacist is happy to answer your questions either at the pharmacy or by phone.


    Choose between OptumRx home delivery or nearly 8,200 Walgreens pharmacies.

    QUESTIONS??  Please contact OptumRX at 800-880-1188


    Filling Your Prescription Through Mail Order Service

    OptumRX provides our mail-order service. With mail-order, you can receive medicines you take routinely at your home. You are able to receive up to a 90-day supply per fill at a lower copay than you would pay at retail. Simply complete a mail-order form (below), select payment method, enclose your original prescription, and mail it to OptumRX. The prescription will be sent to the address you provide on the order form. You may order prescription refills online, by phone or on the OptumRX mobile app (see mobile app flyer below). For maintenance prescriptions ordered through OptumRX Home Delivery, ask your physician for an appropriate supply. For example, for a medication you would take on a daily basis, your physician should write your prescription for a 90-day supply with three refills.

    Refills are NOT automatic. For mail-order, you may not order refills until you have consumed 75% of the dispensed medication, calculated by your physician's prescribing order.


    Specialty Prescriptions

    Specialty prescriptions through mail-order, will receive special handling by Optum RX and provide a personal Patient Care Coordinator.

    With Optum RX's supportive service offerings, you will be called each month by an experienced Patient Care Coordinator who will coordinate your next delivery of medications with you. You will have access to experienced clinicians, both pharmacists and nurses, who can counsel you about why your medication was prescribed, how it works, how to administer and store the drug, help you to manage any side effects, and sometimes just answer any questions or concerns you might have. This deep level of service and support has been proven to increase the quality of outcomes from specialty medication therapy.

    Here's what you need to do:

    Call 1-855-427-4682 right away so they can setup your account and review your specialty medications. The Patient Care Coordinators will guide you through the process. They are already aware that you will be joining them and ready to help!

    Refills are NOT automatic. For mail-order, you may not order refills until you have consumed 75% of the dispensed medication, calculated by your physician's prescribing order.