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  • Colorado Springs School District 11 offers two dental plans, a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) + Premier Plan and a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) In-Network Only plan. 
    Here is a one-page plan comparison: Dental Plan Comparison Chart
    See below for details on each plan to include the PPO provider list.

    PPO + Premier Plan
    This plan allows you to use any dental provider. However, if you use a PPO provider, your annual cleanings are covered at 100%. (1 every 6mths). Deductible of $50 for individual and $100 for family annually.  Coverage is then at 80% for Basic Dentistry and 50% for Major Dentistry. 

    Plan Document July 2022

    Summary of Benefits- July 2022

    PPO (In-Network Only) Plan 
    This is a copay for every service in this plan. You MUST use a PPO Provider for these services.  There is $2,000 annual maximum for this plan and there is NO out-of-network coverage.

    Plan Document- July 2022

    Summary of Benefits- July 2022

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