• In the event there is a disagreement with a decision regarding gifted identification, programming, or Early Access, please follow the following procedures:

    Step 1:  Try to resolve the issue with the classroom teacher, Gifted Resource Teacher, or Early Access Committee. If no resolution can be made, a formal appeals process may be initiated in writing by parents or staff, addressing the specific reasons for the appeal.

    Step 2: The appellant will meet with building Gifted Review Team or Early Access Committee to review data relative to the decision. Appellants or members of the committee may introduce new information, clarify inaccuracies, review decisions, and determine a future course of action at this time. If no resolution can be made, the appellant will meet with the District Gifted & Talented Facilitator.

    Step 3: A written appeal that includes any additional information may be submitted to the District's Gifted & Talented Facilitator to review the decision. If necessary, the GT Facilitator will collaborate with appropriate district administration and the Deputy Superintendent of Instruction to review the appeal. The appellant will be notified in writing of the administrative decision. If no resolution can be made at this level, the appellant may contact the Superintendent.

    Step 4: In the event the appellant feels there is additional information that may change the decision, they may request the Board of Education to review the decision by writing to the Superintendent. The Superintendent, Executive Cabinet, and/or Board of Education will review the appeal, consult with necessary parties, and make a final determination.

    School board policy and corresponding regulation for Gifted and Talented Education IHBB and IHBB-R can be found in the Board of Education section of the District 11 home page.


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