• Gifted Unified Improvement Plan Addendum – ECEA [12.02(1)]

    Each year, data is used to analyze student performance and inform educational improvement at the district and school level. A report identifying strengths and areas of opportunity with potential root causes is collaboratively created annually. The purpose of this addendum is to align efforts and targets to improve gifted student achievement and growth. It fulfills the obligations associated with the Exceptional Children Act (ECEA) for the Gifted Education Annual Plan. Visit the School View section of the Colorado Department of Education website for specific data at the state and district level.

    Comprehensive Program Plan for Gifted Education

    A Program Plan is a concisely written description of the policy and methods by which an administrative unit identifies and programs for gifted student education. The elements that must be addressed in a Program Plan are based upon ECEA statute and criteria established by Rules promulgated by the State Board of Education and any criteria for accreditation (22-20-104.5). Rules support national standards and best practices in gifted education. A Program Plan includes a brief description of how an administrative unit will improve in any one or more element of the Plan during the three year plan cycle. Plans are available for view on the CDE GT website: