• Anyone can nominate a student for a gifted review. If you believe a student is performing well above grade level or demonstrates exceptional talent, please reach out to the Gifted Resource Teacher at your student's school. 

    Upon referral, a Tier I GT Review is written by the teacher and recorded in a GT Review Plan. The teacher will decide upon the type of Tier I intervention, frequency, and length. Ongoing student district achievement data during the length of the intervention will be recorded and/or monitored. When pieces of evidence of greater than or equal to the 85th percentile are recorded, parents/guardians will be contacted for a Gifted Review meeting.

    Gifted Review Meeting(s)

    A Gifted Review meeting is initiated when a body of evidence indicates gifted potential. The Gifted Review Team is comprised of a Gifted Resource Teacher or District staff trained in the gifted identification process, parent(s)/guardian(s), applicable teachers, and the student when appropriate. The assessment, performance, and/or portfolio data will be reviewed, and next steps will be discussed. If the team decides that cognitive testing is needed for this child, parent/guardian permission for such testing will be requested and recorded in the plan. Cognitive scores will be shared with parents/guardians after the testing has been completed.

    Possible Outcomes / Next Steps

    If the body of evidence meets Colorado criteria for a Tier 3 Gifted Identification, the Gifted Review Team submits the plan to the Gifted & Talented Facilitator for review and signature. A signed Gifted Review Plan becomes a part of the child’s educational record and a copy should be placed in the student’s cumulative file.

    If additional information is needed for the body of evidence, the student will continue to be monitored by the Gifted Resource Teacher. For students who show the potential of a formal identification because they have high achievement and/or ability scores, the child may be placed into the Tier 2 Talent Development group. 

    If the evidence does not support the formal identification or immediate need for gifted intervention of the student at this time, the child would be best served within the regular classroom.


    Communication concerning the outcome of the student referral is discussed with parents/guardians during or immediately following a Gifted Review meeting. A letter from the District 11 Gifted & Talented office will be provided to the family to describe the outcome of the team’s decision. Parents/Guardians should keep a copy of this letter for your records. If a child is formally identified with a Tier 3 Gifted Identification, an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) will be developed based on student strengths and needs 30-45 days from the time of formal identification. The ALP is an active document for the entire school year.