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    2018-2019 ESP Seniority List


    Employees who apply for retirement, and have the greatest seniority are eligible to receive a 75% buyout of their unused sick leave.  Teachers and ESP staff may qualify for an additional two years of health insurance coverage at district rates.  Who qualifies to be in the Retirement Incentive Program for each group?

    Teachers: The top forty (40) teachers who apply are eligible for this plan;

    ESP: The top twenty (20) ESP employees who apply are eligible for this plan (must have 15 years of continuous service with the district);

    Exec-Prof: Executive-Professional employees with 5 or more years as an Executive-Professional will be eligible for a pro-rated share of available sick leave payout funds. 

    Transition Program:

    The D-11 transition program is for employees who retire at the end of this school year and want to work for D-11 the following year, which is called a transition year.  Eligibility for the Retirement Incentive Program is not required to retire and return for a transition year.  Those who work a transition year, are not allowed to work more than 110 days per calendar year according to PERA rules.  In addition, your salary for the transition year will be reduced by 20.40% which is the percentage amount D-11 is required to make as the employer tax on your transition year salary.  All transition applications will be reviewed and must be approved by your supervisor, the Superintendent, and the Board of Education.  Application for the transition program is not an automatic guarantee that you will be permitted to work a transition year. 

    Non-Binding Letter-of-Intent:

    The Non-Binding Letter-of-Intent is available on the D-11 website on the Human Resources webpage. 

    Non binding letter of intent 

    Please print out the Non-Binding Letter-of-Intent form, complete it in its entirety and send to:

    Nancy Parker
    Director of Compensation
    Human Resources Department

    You will receive a confirmation letter indicating that your non-binding letter-of-intent has been received.  If you have questions please contact:  Nancy Parker, Director of Compensation at 520-2143 or email at

    or Jill Jeffers, Administrative Specialist at 520-2167 or email at

    You may access seniority lists for teachers and ESP staff on the ESP website, and HR website.  To access your seniority list go to the D11 Human Resources webpage, click Retirement Information, and then click on the appropriate seniority list.  

    If you feel that your seniority date is incorrect, please send an email to Jill Jeffers in Human Resources.  An HR staff member will pull your personnel file and research the information and email you with our findings.


    When you retire with PERA your decision is subject to PERA's rules and qualifications.  You may retire from D11 even though you do not plan to take your PERA retirement benefit immediately upon retirement from the District. Please keep in mind that you cannot rescind your retirement application after March 29, 2019.

    All paperwork regarding retirement from District 11 must be completed no later than March 22, 2019.  If you wish to be eligible for the sick leave buyout and/or the insurance coverage, you must complete the entire work year in which you are planning to retire.

    All of the retirement process for any given school year must be completed by June 1 of that year and it cannot be carried over into the next school year.