Thinking about retirement? Here is what you need to do.

  • 2022-2023 Retirement Information
    Contact PERA at 1.800.221.2627 or
    • Check with PERA to see what your monthly payments would be upon retirement.
    • Ask for a PERA Retirement Packet to be sent to your home.
    • Go to PERA meetings offered around town to enquire more information concerning retirement.
    • Go to the Labor Relations page and click on the website for your employee group to view the Seniority List to see where you on the overall list. 
    • Look for E-mails and flyers announcing when the due dates for the Non-Binding Letters of Intent for retirement are to be returned to HR.  (Generally letters are due the 2nd work day after Thanksgiving)
    • Send a Non-Binding Letter of Intent to the Human Resources Department by the due date.  (Generally letters are due the 2nd work day after Thanksgiving)   
    • A confirmation letter will be sent indicating that your Non-Binding-Letter of Intent Form has been   received and then you are considered for the Retirement Incentive Program (RIP).
    • Of those who apply for retirement, prospective retirees with the greatest seniority are eligible to receive  a 75% buyout of their unused sick leave.  In addition, they may be eligible to continue their medical insurance for a period of up to two years at district rates.  Who qualifies for these options?
    • Teachers:  The top forty (40) teachers who apply are eligible for this plan;
    • ESP:  The top twenty (20) ESP employees who apply are eligible for this plan (must have a minimum of 15 years of service with the district);
    • Exec-Prof:  Any Executive-Professional employees with 5 or more years as an Executive-Professional will be eligible for a pro-rated share of available sick leave payout funds.
    • Letters received after the deadline will not be considered for the Retirement Incentive Program (RIP). 
    • You may still retire at any time without being eligible for the Retirement Incentive Program (RIP) and you may also work a transition year.

     Non binding letter of intent