Meet the Staff

  • Grants Department Organizational Chart

    Ginger Middleton - Director of Grants

    Sherri Martinez - Grants Business Manager is responsible for creating and maintaining solid accounting practices for all grants received by D11, including those received by schools and individual departments.  Sherri monitors and reviews financial expenses for compliance with funder and school district requirements and regulations. She helps prepare budgets and prepares and submits annual and interim financial reports for each grant in the district.  Sherri creates interim, internal reports to assist grantees in managing their money.  She monitors grant payroll, conducts or supervises all accounting and fiscal activities on behalf of the Grants Department, and serves as a liaison between the grants department and other administrative departments.    

    LaDawn Stegman-Financial Grants Specialist provides administrative and technical support to ensure efficient and effective operation of the grants department and Designated Purpose Grant Funds. LaDawn assists in providing knowledgeable financial oversight and guidance for federal, state and local/private grants awarded to the district and its schools/departments, ensuring compliance with applicable policies, regulations and spending guidelines. She performs a wide range of tasks related to budgeting, accounting, reconciliation and procurement functions. LaDawn also supports the Grants Business Manager in analyzing budget trends and spend down, implementation of governmental fiscal policy and regulations, interpretation of grant-related statues and tracking of the multiple funding streams that comprise the Designated Purpose Grant Fund (DPGF) as well as related general fund accounts.   

    Chris Dale - Grants Clerk manages a portfolio of grants. ensuring compliance to district, federal, state, and /or private grantor guidelines, regulations, policies, and procedures. She maintains accurate and current fiscal and programmatic records for grant programs and tracks all fiscal activity to ensure timely and compliant spending. Chris also assists in the completion of quarterly, annual, and/or final reports as required by the grantor and prepares requests for funds as needed. She works with Project Directors (PDs) to provide fiscal and/or administrative support as necessary, often helping PDs and their support staff to understand and properly document grant expenditures.