Programs and Services

  • Proposal Writing/Technical Assistance - The Grants Department supports grant writers to ensure that grant proposals submitted by District 11 are well-written and complete, with information that is compelling to the funding source. For larger projects and those that impact multiple D11 departments or school sites, the Grants Dept. facilitates a grant team to write the proposals. The department also provides technical assistance to schools and departments including: advising writers as to how to research funding sources, communicating with funding sources to improve chances of getting funded, reviewing proposals for clarity, helping to organize proposals, ensuring potential grant impacts are fully vetted, obtaining authorized signatures, helping with budget planning and organization, and developing evaluation designs in conjunction with the Education Data Support Services Dept. and/or outside evaluators.

    Per Board of Education policy DD, all grant-seeking activities over $10,000 must be reviewed by the Director of Grants or his/her designee. All government-funded grants and/or grants that include salaries, benefits, technology, construction or new curriculum must be reviewed by the Director of Grants even if the grants are for $10,000 or less. The review process is managed by the Director of Grants. (Please see Exhibits DD-E-1 and DD-E-2.)

    Communications and Collaboration - The Grants Dept. serves as a communication link within D11 and among partners working on grant proposals. Communication also is necessary to inform the superintendent and other D11 leadership about large proposals and their implications for the district and to coordinate appropriate channels of approval. The Grants Dept. facilitates partnerships with other community agencies, acting as a link within D11 and among partners. Communication and collaboration increase possibilities for partnerships and guard against unnecessary duplication.

    Grant Opportunity Identification and Dissemination – As time permits, the Grants Dept. conducts ongoing research on grant opportunities (federal, state, local and foundation) that meet the needs of D11's strategic priorities. Staff members are informed about new grants that become available usually by email notification or through departmental and school leadership.

    Grant Funds Management – In D11, Grant Project Directors (PDs) are responsible for all aspects of their grant-funded projects and are expected to coordinate closely with the Grants Dept. The Grants Dept. trains PDs and others regarding grant terms and conditions as well as relevant D11 processes. Additionally, the department provides fund management services for all grants over $10,000, and for any grant involving personnel, technology, construction / facilities modification, and / or “matching” requirements. Our staff members are skilled in the areas of grant compliance and budget management, and will help to ensure that your grant dollars flow smoothly through your program. We also support programmatic compliance, monitoring project implementation and spenddown progress.