Colorado Springs School District 11


D11 ENGAGE HOME (Formerly Volunteer Services & Community Partnerships)

2023 Crystal Apple

Fundraising Memorandum

  • A completed, signed memorandum must come from D11 Engage 

    Guidelines for contacting District 11 schools and administrators are outlined below:

           1. Please call first and make an appointment with the school administrator with whom you wish to discuss your product or request.  

           2. This privilege does not extend to any vendor contact with District 11 students.

           3. The school administrator or the administrator's designee ALWAYS has final authority to approve or deny any appointment or access to the school for any purpose.

           4. When departments and schools sell items (like a store) to students, teachers, or the general public, appropriate county and city sales taxes must be collected, reported and remitted. The current combined sales tax rate to be collected is 4.35%. It is the responsibility of the school principal to determine with the fundraising company who is collecting and remitting sales tax. 

    All fundraising organization representatives who intend to visit schools must comply with all conditions of Board Policy KI, Visitors to the Schools and Administrative Regulation KI-R.  Please review these documents, which are available on the District 11 website at:

    If you need further information or clarification, please feel free to contact our office at 520-2203.

    School District Eleven neither endorses nor represents, in any way, the products and/or services provided. 

    Fundraising Memorandum