D11 ENGAGE HOME (Formerly Volunteer Services & Community Partnerships)

2022 Crystal Apple

Volunteer Recognition Suggestions

  • Personalized invitations are sent to each volunteer to attend a catered breakfast by the F.I.T Volunteer Coach (formerly Volunteer Coordinator).  Each volunteer receives a certificate of appreciation and a small gift, such as a key chain.  Volunteers are awarded pins sponsored by Volunteer Services for the number of hours that have been recorded in the Volunteer Management System, however ALL volunteers are honored, no matter how many hours are served!

              Audubon Elementary School 

    Students create a drawing for each invitation to volunteers asking them to attend a potluck luncheon.  All staff members contribute food items and the luncheon is set up as a relaxed and informal picnic.  Teachers/staff join the volunteers during their normal lunch times.

              Columbia Elementary School  

    Personalized invitations are sent to volunteers to attend a pot luck breakfast where the volunteer is presented with a small gift.  One year philodendron plants were taken apart and put in vases of water with a note that said:  Thank you for helping us establish the roots of the next generation.

              Edison Elementary School 

    Invitations to attend a luncheon are sent to volunteers by the F.I.T. Volunteer Coach (formerly Volunteer Coordinator) and by the teachers the volunteer assists. Tables are decorated nicely and the food is always great!  Those that RSVP receive a small gift, for example a little flower pot or Hornet pin.  Volunteers are awarded pins sponsored by Volunteer Services for the number of hours that have been recorded in the Volunteer Management System.

    Including staff in the luncheon plans is a way for them to give back to all those who gave so much.

              Howbert Elementary School 

    An ice cream social, called Afternoon Delight, is held after school and provides an opportunity for the staff to stop by and thank the volunteers.

              Mann Middle School