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    The F.I.T. Volunteer Coach coordinates the volunteer program at each school site.  They are responsible for registering and tracking volunteer hours.  Typically this person is appointed by the principal or the PTA Board and the assigned duties are specified by the building administrator.


    The F.I.T. Volunteer Coach must be trained on the EZVolunteer system in order to access the registered volunteers at their school site for the purpose of tracking their hours and updating their records. 

    The F.I.T. Volunteer Coach can expect to :

    • Assure each person who volunteers is registered by completing a volunteer registration form
    • Enter all school volunteer registration forms into the N-Touch EZVolunteer Module
    • Enter or coordinate with Opportunity Coordinators entry of all opportunities into the N-Touch EZ Volunteer Module
    • Assist individual volunteers and opportunity coordinators with the tracking of hours.
    • Compile reports as needed, example end of year Pin Report
    • Recruit a task force of family/staff volunteers to develop an action plan utilizing the Family Involvement Toolkit.
    • Implement the plan
    • Assess improvement in involvement
    • Attend F.I.T. coach training, view training videos throughout the school year

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