D11 ENGAGE HOME (Formerly Volunteer Services & Community Partnerships)

2022 Crystal Apple

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     Description:    The Family Involvement Toolkit  (F.I.T.) Volunteer Coach maintains volunteer records for their school and is responsible for implementing the Family Involvement Toolkit.


             The F.I.T. Volunteer Coach can expect to :

    • Recruit a task force of family/staff volunteers connecting with PTA/PTO and SAC to develop an action plan utilizing the Family Involvement Toolkit to support family engagement
    • Implement the plan
    • Aligns F.I.T. plans with school MTSS plans and Family, School, Community Partnership Framework
    • Assess improvement in family engagement
    • Assure each person who volunteers is registered by completing a volunteer registration form
    • Enter all school volunteer registration forms into the D11Engage Module
    • Enter or coordinate with Opportunity Coordinators entry of all opportunities into the D11Engage Module
    • Assist individual volunteers and opportunity coordinators with the tracking of hours.
    • Compile reports as needed. For example, the end of year Pin Report
    • Attend F.I.T. coach training, view training videos throughout the school year



    Time Required:                                   Average four hours weekly

                                                                 More time required August/September


    Training Required:                              Webinar will be required prior to gaining access to the D11Engage system - September

                                                                  Family Involvement Toolkit training – September


    Technical Support:                             Relatrix Support – email support@relatrix.com

                                                                 D11 Engage staff is available by telephone at 520-2202                                                   

                                                                 F.I.T. – assistance provided by Communications at 520-2162


    Qualifications and Special Skills:        Knowledge of personal computer systems

                                                                Familiar with Microsoft Office Suite products and able to navigate on the internet

                                                                Ability to communicate with staff and community

                                                                Knowledge of your school community


    Comments:                                            Opportunity to perfect computer skills

                                                                  Data entry software is web based and can be performed from home

                                                                  Toolkit Guide and plan of action will be provided

    A coach blowing a whistle