Fifth Grade

    5th Grade Links



    Khan Fraction Basics    Adding and Subtracting: Kahn Academy    Kahn Academy 5th Grade Fractions      Khan Academy  

    Coordinate Planes

    Math Map        Math - XY        Math -  Aliens       Math Jeopardy    

     Math Coordinate Plane Games      Math Grid     Math Meteors     Math Nook

    Current Events

    Current Events        Current Events     States Current Events    Current Events

  • Research Tools

            Safe Search Kids

    Search Kiddle   Fact Monster  

    Destiny Discover

       Britannica Elementary



      DK find out


            Q Files Research


        Pebble GO  



  • Social Studies Links

    Active Classroom


     People of the American Revolution

     People of the Revolution - Mr. Nussbaum.com

    Colonial America

    Colonial America Information

     The 13 Colonies

    The 13 Colonies

    American Revolution Activities

    American Revolution Activities

    American Revolution Information

    American Revolution Information - Mr. Nussbaum.com     



  • Science

    Skeleton Game - Sheppard Software  

    Skeleton - Science for Kids  

    Build a Skeleton

    STEAM Fun - Babble Dabble Do.com

    Body Systems

    Human Body

    Human Body



  • Figurative Language

    Figurative Language           Hangman         Practice        Jeopardy      Games    Battle Ship     Paint with Idioms             Room Recess Language Skills




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