• The District 11 Food & Nutrition Services Department

    The Food Service Fund (Fund 21) provides complete food services for District 11, which includes National School Lunch Program (NSLP), National School Breakfast Program (NSBP), Supper Program, After-School Snack Program, Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), Supper Program (CACFP), and catering for school and District 11 functions.

    The District’s $14.3M (FY19 appropriation) Food Service Fund is a revenue-based budget operating on a profit and loss format. An internal District 11 leadership team manages the fund and overall program. All products and services are delivered through the use of District 11 resources and produced in the kitchens throughout the District.

    Department Overview Document with Fund Performance History


    Food & Nutrition Services Financial Results - Glenn Gustafson

    In 2005, the District took it's Food Service operation from a privatized operation to a self-operated program. At the time, many board members were incredulous that we could do a better job than an outside contracted agency but the attached results are clear. Not only is our Food Service Fund more profitable now (covering all direct and indirect expenses while building fund-balance to cover monthly cost of operation), we were able to postpone meal price increases for two consecutive years, we have bumped our ESP bonus program to a 4% pay increase, we have reinvested in our signage and equipment at schools, we have increased the healthiness of our meal offerings and breakfast/lunch participation continues to soar despite our declining enrollment.​

    Strategic Direction of Food and Nutrition Services

    Strategic Direction

    FNS Department Organization Chart

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