Contracted Car Service

  • Due to the severe driver shortage, District 11 expanded the use of contracted car services.  The use of contracted car services helps to ensure all eligible students have transportation to school.  Areas outside of the main bus route have been designated as contracted zones.  Transportation will determine which students will be placed with contractors based on operational efficiencies.  We appreciate your support and understanding.


  • How do I know if my address is in a Contracted Zone?

  • How do I schedule transportation if I am in a contract zone?

  • Are contracted drivers required to pass a background check?

  • The car goes right by my house, why can’t you stop in front of my house?

  • Can I request transportation for my student in a contracted car rather than ride the bus?

  • If I apply for Space Available transportation, might my student be placed in a contracted car service?

  • Why won’t the driver stop at my house instead of a designated stop location when my student is the only one in the car?

  • Will the driver always be the same?

  • Why do I need to cancel the ride if my student won’t need transportation?