New Bus Route & Stop Information

  • Beginning in August of the 2023_2024 school year, transportation services will be changing to ensure all eligible students have transportation to school.  Stops have been consolidated to make the routes more efficient and timelier.  This may sometimes mean a longer walk to the designated stop and buses with more students.  One of our contracted transportation partners will support some areas that utilize cars, vans, and SUVs to transport students to school.  These areas will be indicated by “Contracted Zone” in the stop description. Transportation will determine which students will be placed with contractors based on operational efficiencies.  Stop information for the new school year can be found HERE.  We appreciate your support and understanding.


  • What is District 11’s policy on busing students to school?

  • My student’s bus stop is too far away from our home, can we move it closer?

  • The bus goes right by my house, why can’t you stop in front of my house?

  • Can I request transportation for my student in a contracted car rather than ride the bus?

  • My student only lives a short distance from a bus stop and is not eligible for transportation. Is there any way my student can ride that bus?

  • My student is attending a school other than the designated home school. Is there any way my student can ride a bus?

  • Our family is homeless – how can I get my student to school?

  • How do I request a bus stop change?