Quarter 4 Band and Orchestra Schedule

  • Hello Band and Orchestra Families!

    Thank you for being a supportive partner in your child's instrumental experience. 

    As we come from Spring Break, I have requested that students bring their instrument every Monday (or the first day of the school week) so that students have their instrument available to play regardless of what Instrumental Day it is. Students have an instrument "spot" on the stage where they may store their instrument during the week.

    Students will take home their instrument for practice on their last day of class. This could be a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Students are welcome to take their instrument home to practice throughout the week, but are not required. It is more important to have the instrument at school to practice than left at home.

    Have a wonderful break! 

    Ms. LaShele

Band and Orchestra Calendar Qtr4

Band and Orchestra Documents and Materials

  • Looking to practice at home but don't know where to start?

    Check out Essential Elements Interactive! It comes with the purchase of your Essential Elements Book, and your student is already signed up!

    Here you have access to: digital resources and videos on how to hold and play your instrument, and ALL the songs and exercises from your book!

    You can:

    • Play along with the melody
    • Make the tempo slower or faster
    • Play along with a metronome or various styles of accompaniments (There are many free metronome apps online)
    • Record an audio recording of yourself playing and send it to your family.

    There are many ways to have more fun practicing your instrument at home.

    For questions or needing support, please contact me at lashele.warren@d11.org