• The D11 Good Food Project

    The D11 Good Food Project

    Food… it sustains life.  Good Food contributes to a good life!
    When you stop and think about it, the nourishment that we obtain from eating food sustains our lives.  It stands to reason that the better food we consume, the better our lives will be related to overall health, physical and cognitive performance, and mental health.
    So what is Good Food?  Good Food is not a “brand,” or at least not in our book. 
    Characteristics of Good Food are the following:
    · No growth hormones, antibiotic free,
    · Fresh fruits and vegetables,
    · Whole grains,
    · Free of artificial dyes,
    · Free of artificial preservatives,
    · Free of hydrogenated oils (or Trans Fats),
    · No added sugars including high-fructose corn syrup,
    · Food that is “from the earth” and “good for the earth” with minimal packaging,
    · Foods that are not “highly processed”, and
    · Foods that are “natural” or “whole”.
    Imagine food from a farm, instead of food from a factory.  Which point of origin do you think is better for your body?  Factory, Food Science Laboratory, or Farm?  We're going with…. “Farm.”  Macaroni and cheese made from scratch or from a box or can?  Chicken Nuggets or Oven-Roasted Chicken with herbs and spices?  Don't you get hungry just thinking about it?  YUM!  We're counting on this reaction from you - our students, our parents, teachers and staff.  This is Good Food.
    It continues to be an exciting time in our world of nutrition that is positive.  Please consider the positive impact that we can have on the children in District 11 schools by everyone eating Good Food.  We look forward to serving your student(s) this year.
    Thank you!​

     A "D11 Good Food Project" Video from January 4, 2012 "Education and Beyond" D11-Chamber of Commerce Event.