Lesson 2

Single Crochet (sc) into chain stich (ch), building rows

  • Lesson 2:

    1. Create a foundation chain (ch)

    2. Single Crochet (sc) into foundation chain to build rows

    3. Chain 1 (ch 1) for height, turn work, then single crochet a second row

    This is a single crochet stitch that is used to build rows in scarves, wash clothes, etc... 

1. Single Crochet into Foundation Chain

2. Chain 1 and Turn, create 2nd row-Single Crochet (sc)

3. Put it all together! Foundation Chain, Single Crochet into Foundation Chain, Chain 1, Turn Work, Single Crochet Second Row!

  • Check your work!

    1. Make 10 foundation chains

    2. Single crochet (sc) into the "V"s of the foundation chains until the end

    3. Chain 1 (ch1), turn work

    4. Single crochet under the "V"s to create a 2nd row

    5. Chain 1 (ch1), turn work, single crochet 3rd row 

    6. Repeate


    How many rows can you make?

    When you're ready, move to Lesson 3!