Lesson 1

Making a slip knot, holding the yarn and hook, and making chains!

  • Lesson 1:

    1. Make a Slip Knot

    2. Learn how to hold your yarn and your hook

    3. Make foundation chains to begin crocheting!

    First make a slip knot to begin crocheting. Holding yarn with good tension will make stitches loose, tight, or "just right." Do what works best for you! Make foundation chains to begin your crocheting journey!


1. How to make a slip knot

2. How to hold the yarn and hook

3. Yarn over (yo) and making chains (ch)

  • Check your work!

    1. Make a slip knot!

    What is your favorite way to make a slip knot?


    2. Holding your yarn and hook

    How do you hold your yarn and hook? What works best for you?


    3. Chain 10 (ch10)

    How do you like your chains? (V) Are they loose? Tight? Just Right?

    Do you need more tension (make tighter) or less tension (make looser)


    How many chains can you make?

    When you're ready, move to Lesson 2!