• Outdoor Education is a lifelong learning process that increases your child’s awareness, relationship, and dependence on the environment and its systems.

    Some of the benefits of outdoor education are:

    • Strengthens students’ sense of empowerment to make a difference in their community as stewards of the environment. 
    • Improves students’ academic achievement and growth through experiential learning and application. 
    • Gets students outdoors and active in learning. 
    • Activates and increases students’ physical, mental, and social health. 
    • Improves learning enjoyment by changing the pace and location of learning. 
    • Connects families and the community to the school through involvement. 
    • Builds culture and climate through a focus on common language, values, and purpose.
  • Community-based learning gives many opportunities to students and gives them a direct experience of the wider world to facilitate connections to community needs and how to meet them.