• We have a large and varied special education team that cares about all students! See a brief intro to each teacher below: 

    Jessica M

    Mrs. Jessica Medina 

    School Psychologist and Sped Dept. Head  

    Meghan L

    Mrs. Megan Langdon

    Speech Pathologist and Staffing Coordinator 

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    phone(719) 328-3271
    phone (719) 328 3265 
    I've been a School Psychologist for almost 20 years and am starting my 17th year with District 11 and 10th year at Sabin Middle School!

    I love working with students and collaborating with parents and staff members. I enjoy small group services and being a coordinator working with our 8th-grade WEB leaders!

    At home, I love to spend time with my husband and daughter. We like to play games, watch movies and enjoy outside activities such as camping, skiing, hiking, and swimming.  
    My name is Megan Langdon, this is my 12th year in District 11. I love my job! I have 2 kids and 2 dogs, and I have been married for 11 years. We stay active by playing outside, going on hikes, and watching movies.  

    Heidi G

    Mrs. Heidi Gomez

    Special Education Teacher & Case Manager

    Ms. Little

    Ms. Kayla Little

    Special Ed Teacher & Affective Needs Case Manager

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    phone 719-328-7250         Text: 719-377-3808

    phone  719-328-4054

    I have been teaching special education for the last 17 years. I started my career teaching Special Education in 2007 and I have a Bachelor’s Degree as a Special Education Generalist K-12 and a Master's degree in Autism Studies.

      My journey to becoming a Special Education Teacher started at a very young age as a peer partner in elementary school when inclusive education was just starting. Even at a young age, you could hear me say "I just want them to know how fun school is!

    In my free time, I enjoy spending it with my family and in the great outdoors! I love the mountains and I joke that I often hear them calling my name when the end of the school year draws near! :) 

    Hello! I'm Miss Little and I am a resource teacher at Sabin Middle School. I am from Colorado, but I was out in Las Vegas for 3 years teaching! I have a dog named Clover and she is a Corgi!  

    Mrs. Myers

    Mrs. Brinkly Myers

    Special Education Teacher & Case Manager

    Mrs. LM

    Mrs. Nicolle Lewis-McTague

    Special Education Teacher & Case Manager

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    phone  719- 328- 3277

    phone  719-328-7000

    My name is Brinkley Myers and I have been at Sabin for almost 7 years now. I love working with all students in every grade level! Fun fact: I went to Sabin when I was in middle school AND I work here with my mom now!

    I have been a Special Education Teacher my entire time at Sabin. I mostly teach reading and math intervention. But, have had the opportunity to also teach Science and Photography.

    I love to be active and play sports. My favorites are basketball and volleyball. I spend the majority of my free time with my family. I have two kiddos who make me laugh every day😊 My goal is to make sure we are always having new experiences and enjoying all life has to offer!

    I have worked in Special Education for the last 20 years. I have worked with all ages, from high school to preschool. And enjoyed them all!

    I enjoy helping students find and access what they are most passionate about. I strive to create a learning environment where each student, parent, and educator finds their place.

    At home, I enjoy outdoor activities with my 4 children. Anything from hiking and camping to exploring our national parks. When we can be outside, you will find me crafting and creating DIY projects around the house.


    Mrs. L

    Mrs. Kathie Legendre

    Severe Needs Special Education Teacher & Case Manager

    unknown teacher  

    Mrs/Mr. _______

    Special Education Resource Teacher 

     Currently a Long Term Sub   

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    envelope  megan.langdon@d11.org 

    phone  719-328-3266

    phone  719-328-7000  

    Special education Paras: 

    lory Mirage Tama



    Mary Trish Sydney