Most children attend preschool at their neighborhood elementary school in classes of up to 16 students. Each classroom is staffed by a certified teacher and 2 assistants. Our teachers are highly qualified through the Colorado Department of Education as Early Childhood Special Educators, and many possess a Master’s level college degree. 

    Preschoolers attend Monday through Thursday in either a morning or afternoon session. Start and end times vary by location.  Students will experience a literacy-based circle time, a small instructional group, 60 minutes of student-directed play-based learning, an interactive circle time, a family-style snack time, as well as gross motor time on a playground. 

    Special Education services are available at each site.  Students identified with special needs receive all related special education services in the classroom, alongside their neighborhood peers.  If you have concerns about your child’s development or need more information regarding Special Education evaluations, please see the information about Child Find.