• Personal Project Palooza

    This year’s Open House is scheduled for Thursday January 26, 2023 in the Palmer Library.

    You will report to the library during the same period you met with your supervisor. 

    All school rules apply for the Open House; do NOT bring dangerous materials to school for the presentation.

    Use the checklist below to prepare your presentation:

    • Gather all your materials (project, process journal).
    • Plan a short introduction about what you did for your Project, why you did it, what was challenging about your project and what you learned.
    • You may decide you want to use a PowerPoint presentation, a slideshow or a short video clip or sound recordings to help your audience better understand the full scope of your project. Be sure to bring your laptop and speakers (if necessary) and test them in advance so the equipment is ready for you to use.
    • Behave professionally during the presentation
      • Be prepared
      • Welcome and thank your audience
    • Provide visual or sound aides to help people understand what you did and how you accomplished your project
    • If possible, include your final product/outcome if you are able to bring it to school (no need to bake 150 cupcakes!)
    • Dress for a presentation - the superintendent and members of the school board maybe in attendance