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    Science Experiment Timeline

  • Week of January 16

    Project overview, project resources, notebook setup,

    ASK - Think of a topic and possible questions or problems.


    Week of January 30

    ASK -   Select final topic and testable question to solve.

    PREDICT - Gather information on topic.  Generate a prediction to answer the testable question.


    Week of February 6

    INVESTIGATE - Identify variables for experiment.  Develop the list of materials needed for the experiment.  Create the procedure that will be used to conduct the experiment.  REMEMBER - you need a minimum of 3 trials!


    Weeks of February 13 through February 27     

    OBSERVE - Conduct an experiment based on procedure.  Gather data and record findings.


    Week of March 6 (We will not meet this week)

    EXPLAIN - Finalize data analysis.  Create spreadsheets and graphs to present information.


    Week of March 13

    EXPLAIN - Develop materials for your display board using a word processor.  Print pictures and graphs.


    Week of March 20

    EXPLAIN - Assemble the display board and practice a 3-4 minute presentation.


    April 5th

    Science & Engineering Expo