Options for Homeschoolers in D11

  • Enrollment Procedures
    To enroll in the Partial Enrollment program the student must have a current Notice of Intent to homeschool on file and agree to participate for a minimum of 90 hours of school based instruction per semester. This averages just over one hour per day. Partial Enrollment is accomplished by meeting with the principal of the school of choice. Partial Enrollment students will be required to produce immunization records, verify birth date, complete the emergency information card, and agree to school behavioral norms. Partial Enrollment opportunities are approved on a space available basis by the building principal.

    Getting a Diploma from D11
    Students who wish to receive an accredited high school diploma from District 11 must attend their senior year at a District 11 High School, and fulfill all credit requirement.  Please review "Transferring homeschool credits" for additional information.