Career and Technical Education (CTE) is an essential program to Colorado Springs School District 11.  CTE programs across District 11 support schools in fostering student achievement, emphasizing core academic content, workplace competencies, and technical skills needed for postsecondary workforce readiness.

    Pathways to Prosperity - A must read for those that want to know exactly what CTE is trying to accomplish across the nation.  Download the Harvard study

    Fact: The average high school graduation rate for students concentrating in CTE programs is 90.18 percent compared to an average national freshman graduation rate of 74.9 percent. (1)

    Fact: Seventy percent of students concentrating in CTE areas stayed in postsecondary education or transferred to a four-year degree program, compared to an average state target of 58 percent. (2)

    Fact: Experts project 47 million job openings in the decade ending 2018. About one-third will require an associate’s degree or certificate, and nearly all will require real-world skills that can be mastered through CTE. (3)

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    What are Career Clusters?  Career Clusters are groupings of occupations and industries. These groupings are used as an organizing tool for curriculum design, instructional guidance and for seamless transition into a skilled career field of study.

    What is the definition of the Career Cluster model?  “An organizing tool that defines CTE, using broad clusters of occupations and pathways with validated standards that ensure opportunities for all students in regard to their career goals and interests.“ A detailed explanation may be found at the following link - Career Clusters

    Cluster Model