• Intro To Engineering
    Length/Credit 1 quarter
    Prerequisite: None
    Grade Level: 6th,7th and 8th
    What is engineering? What do engineers do? What is the design process? These are some of the questions that students explore in the Intro to Engineering class as they innovate and invent.

    Design and Modeling (3D Printing)
    Length/Credit 2 quarters
    Prerequisite: Intro To Engineering
    Grade Level: 7th
    Students get a taste for Computer-Aided Design (or CAD). Students use OnShape, which is a professional 3D modeling program. Students model objects such as kid’s toys, brackets, and even solve real-world problems using CAD. Students at Jenkins also have access to a 3D printer, which they can use to print 3D models of their designs.

    Automation and Robotics
    Length/Credit 1 quarter
    Prerequisites: Design and Modeling
    Grade Level: 8th
    Students get a chance to design and construct machines that solve everyday problems using VEX robotics.