What courses will I take?

  • The pathway coursework, seen in the image below, allows candidates such as yourself to begin the journey with introductory (though rigorous) education courses. These introduce teaching, understanding of child and human development, innovative thinking in education, how to work with families and communities, and opportunities to have field experiences in classrooms.  To be eligible for TREP, students must take at least one of the courses listed below during 12th grade. Note that the course numbers listed here are from within the community college system and may change depending on the institution to which one transfers. Students participating in Pathways2Teaching and Teacher Cadet programs during 12th grade are eligible.

    Once selected for TREP, candidates must take at least one of the courses listed each fall and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0.

trep coursework


  • To be eligible for TREP, students must 

    1. Take at least one of the TREP Pathway Courses during 12th grade. It is not too late to sign up for one of these classes Spring semester 2023. Talk to your counselor to sign up today. Students participating in District #11’s Future Educator Pathway courses: Early Childhood Education 101 and Teacher Cadet programs during 12th grade are eligible. For more information about the Future Educator Pathway courses click here. 

    2. Click on the Information for Students button above and learn the details of the program.

    3. Complete the District #11 TREP Interest Form If you are a senior, please let us know your interest in the program by November 9. This lets us know how many students are interested in the program for the following year. Failure to complete the form is not a requirement, nor by completing the form are you obligated to apply

    4. Complete an Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP), declaring intent to participate in TREP.

    If at any point in the process you are no longer interested, please let us know as soon as possible. Candidates not chosen to participate in TREP may be able to participate in the ASCENT Program as long as they have earned a minimum of 9 college credits by the end of their senior year.


    For any questions, please contact Annie Friesema andrea.friesema@d11.org