• American Rescue Plan - Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief

    Safe Return to School

    1. Plan for Safe Return to In Person Instruction and Continuity of Services

    • This information was reviewed on 02/07/2023 and will be reviewed every 6 months and updated as necessary.
    • The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment provides infectious disease guidelines, "How Sick is Too Sick" and "Infectious Diseases in Childcare and School Settings".
    • Board Meeting Dates can be found here
    • Academic needs are met through D11 schools with a variety of options including in-person, online, and opportunity schools.
    • Student and Staff Social, Emotional, Mental Health resources can be found here 
    • Nutrition Services can be found here

    2. Layered Prevention Strategies

    The most recent Center for Disease Control guidance can be found here

    • Board Policy JLCB for Immunization of students can be found here. District 11 Immunization Procedure Flowchart can be found here.
    • The District follows the guidance provided by CDC for the following items:
      • masks
      • physical distancing
      • screening testing - not provided at school or by school staff
      • ventilation
      • hand washing and respiratory etiquette
      • staying home when sick
      • contact tracing - no longer required
      • cleaning and disinfection

    3. Levels of Community Risk and Phased Prevention

    • El Paso County Public Health Data and Analytics can be found here
    • Board Policy JLCC addresses Infectious Disease and decision making