Hospitality Pathway

  • Students can begin or continue their work in the culinary and hospitality pathway with the region's only hotel management program. Students will take two courses in hospitality and tourism with a cooperative internship at a local hotel partner. 

    Culinary Prostart 1 & 2

    Begin or continue your culinary experience with the state's most recognized culinary experience. A full year of advanced chef prep work with internships and state competition at the highest level.

    These programs offer 6-9 + college credits, industry certifications, and internship opportunities.

Hospitality & Culinary Courses

  • Click to view Colorado's State Plan for the Hospitality & Culinary pathway!

    Colorado State Plan

schools offering the hospitality & food production pathway

  • Coronado

  • Doherty

  • Palmer

  • Roy J. Wasson