• Start Here: How to Navigate the PLP

    What is the PLP?

    The Professional Learning Platform (PLP) is an online professional learning course catalog. It is a module of the PowerSchool system, and is integrated into the “waffle” located at the upper right side of the PLP dashboard.

    • Every employee has their own individual PLP Dashboard. Employees will see their initials in the blue circle next to the waffle.

      • From the Home tab, employees can see what courses they are registered for, withdraw from courses, see required or recommended trainings, and connect to the Pryor Learning Solutions online PD library.
    • The top black bar has a series of tabs for the employee. Access to tabs is based on your permissions level. Here employees can submit Credit Requests for course hours completed for trainings. Hours and credits may be used for license renewal or D11 Increment Credit. 

    • The employee’s dashboard allows employees to self-monitor their personal or professional license, transcript and more. On the Transcript tab, the employee can see their license(s) status, expiration date(s), and a comprehensive list of courses.

    • The PLP Resources tab contains many resources to support staff, including: links connected to printed instructional documents, as well as videos to support navigating the platform. If you have questions about navigating the PLP, the Resources tab is the place to begin trouble-shooting.

    • Credit Requests: All courses go through a two-tier approval process to ensure alignment to district strategies and initiatives. Content facilitators have first-level approval followed by the Professional Learning Office. Here course hours, alignment to state requirements, alignment to district standards, alignment to employee evaluation standards, and more are reviewed and approved. In this way, a consistent process is in place when employees request hours for licensure renewal or Increment Credit. How to Submit a Credit Request

    • Instructors, presenters, facilitators develop course proposals on the Course Proposal form. Here they identify elements which align the course to key criteria:  

      • Graduate Profile
      • Types of Credits Earned/No credits (CDE renewal hours; Increment Credit; CLDE, Special Education and /or Behavioral Health hours)
      • Availability, Course Tags, Aligned Rubrics to support class selection and employee evaluation. Principals and other leaders can submit courses on the PLP. Directions explaining how staff can “Propose a Course” are located here.
    • Some courses integrate Schoology as part of the lesson format. Courses MUST go through the PLP first. If the course is connected to Schoology, the interconnectivity will automatically take the learner to the Schoology course lesson. Once completed successfully, after 24 to 48 hours, the employee can see the course on their transcript.