Mentoring Initiative


    New Teacher Mentoring Initiative

    Summary of Program:

    The Induction sponsored, New Teacher Mentoring Initiative, provides professional learning opportunities for both teachers and special services providers who serve as Mentors to new hires AND inductees (Mentees) working through the CDE Induction program. D11’s Induction program is certified by CDE and the completion of the program allows the employee to advance from an Initial License to a Professional License. Mentors are trained monthly by the Induction Coaches. Mentors and mentees meet in support of pedagogical excellence, diversified learning environments, ethical professionalism, and district initiatives. The program offers up to two years of coaching and/or mentoring services for new hires. This is a self-selected opportunity.

    Program Details:

    Mentoring is a teacher-leader, ground-roots approach to building teacher capacity, teacher efficacy, supports teacher retention and recruitment.

    • Analysis of current and historical data from Human Resources affirms that the district needs to retain hired, highly qualified teachers and special service providers.  A key factor in educator retention is the support that the educator is provided.  The quality of the educator is enhanced by the support he/she receives from job-embedded, like-profession support. 

    • Mentoring offers 1:1 support to new hires and those new to D11 and Colorado via the CDE Induction Program.  Teacher leaders are eager to become mentors to support new staff members.  Often teacher leaders are asked by building administrators to do this informally, organically, and freely.  The New Teacher Mentoring Initiative honors mentors by providing a stipend for their time and expertise shared with new staff.  Currently, mentors receive $500 per semester of time-logged mentoring collaboration.

    • Teacher Mentors receive professional learning opportunities and compensation. ESSER II Funds were utilized for the 2021-2022 school year to launch the Mentoring program.  New hires and Inductees have begun to receive the individualized support they need.  Mentors have been part of a community of learning, collegiality, accountability, and compensation as they support the work of training and retaining qualified staff. 

    • In the 2021-2022 school year, with the support from 2 Induction coaches and 111 teacher- Mentors, 100% of our Inductees completed the program and fulfilled their contract; 91% of Mentees completed the school year in their hired position.  Survey feedback data shows 95% of Inductees were renewed for the upcoming school year. 

    The New Teacher Mentoring Initiative demonstrates results!