• Para-Educators Academy

    August 15, 2023


    September 22, 2023

    (Formerly EA/TA Academy)

    An annual professional learning event which is intentionally aligned to district training for certified staff.

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    • Para-Educators Academy provides professional development which is designed to provide classroom instructional assistants with research-based strategies to support certified staff during instructional time.

    • Supervisors are encouraged to plan for Paras to attend the Academy. The average number of attendees is over 100 per day. In 2018, we hosted the most assistants, with a total of 245 participants.

    • Academies help further assistants’ understanding and implementation of a variety of content: successful communication & listening skills, creating a positive classroom culture, poverty, autism, Trauma-informed Care, Mental Health, mindsets, technology, understanding district strategies, research-based instructional strategies, and curriculum programs.

    • Registration for August 15, 2023 is now open.

EA/TA Academy September 23, 2022