Colorado Springs School District 11


  • Cell Phone Service Discounts for D11 Employees
    The companies listed below have contacted the District with information on cellular plans.  Please click on the company name to display more information on their offers and employee discounts..  Contact the listed company representative for additional information.
    AT&T - FAN #23926
    Verizon Wireless
    T-Mobile - Click on this LINK ​to check eligibility
    The information concerning the products, services or company advertising materials offered by the vendors shown in the enclosed list as contained herein, is provided as a service to District 11 and/or its employees with the understanding that the District neither endorses, nor makes any warranties, either expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, fitness, reliability, specifications conformance, suitability, service performance, or legality of the information products and/or services offered by each, nor does the District indemnify any District employee for any agreements made between the District employee an​d any of the identified vendors.
    ​Set up wireless sync with Office365
    • Make sure you have a direct Internet connection by turning on WiFi for non-cell phone devices and turn OFF WiFi on cell phones.​
    • On your device, on the Home screen, click Settings> Accounts & sync>Add Account > Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
    • Complete the following fields:
    • Email address:  District Email address:
    • Password:  District Network password (Note:  Do not give this information to anyone.  Input this field yourself)
    • Select the check boxes for the information that you want to sync with the Exchange server.
    • Click Finish.
    Note that ONLY if the automated sign up does not work and you are prompted, input the following information.
    • User name: \
    • Domain:  Leave blank
    • Server Address:
    • Leave all other fields as is and click Next.
    Set up wireless sync with Office365
    1. Make sure you have a direct Internet connection by turning off WiFi.
    2. On your phone, click Settings>Mail​>Accounts>Add Account > Microsoft Exchange
    3. Complete the foll​owing fie​lds:
      1. Email address:  District Email address:
      2. Description:  Can leave as Exchange or change
      3. Select Next
    4. ​Type in your Password; Select Next
    5. Select the options you want to synch and receive alerts
    6. Click Finish.
    MS Outlook App
    Open Settings, go to Accounts and select add account.  Select Exchange Office 365.  Use the following information to complete fields within the wizard.
    username:  email address (
    password:   same as D11 network login password
    domain:  leave blank

    Note:  System may only require your email address and District network password.