Pirate Ship

    "ESP-The Jewels of the District!"

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    January 4th, 2023

    Antlers Wyndham Hotel 4 S. Cascade Ave. Colorado Springs CO 80903


    7:00 AM-8:00 AM   Registration and Breakfast- Heritage Ballroom

    Photo Op Theme- Greenscreen


    8:00-8:30 - Opening - ESP President  

    Costume Contest


    8:30-9:30 First Session of Classes


    Summit Ballroom I - Natural Grocers - Mindy Brown

    Summit Ballroom II - D 11's Sesquicentennial - and D 11 haunts

    Summit Ballroom III - TBD

    Heritage Ballroom - PERA

    Carson Room - Restorative Practices

    Cameron - TBD

    Hayden - Pirate Scavenger Hunt

    Fremont - Information to Follow

    Summit - Information to Follow

    Learning Center - Information to Follow


    9:40 - 10:40 - Second Set of Classes Same Classes and Rooms as Above


    10:40 - 11:20 am - Mid-Mooring Break


    11:20 - 12:20 - Third Set of Classes Same Classes and Rooms as Above


    12:30 - 2:20 - Lunch Buffet


    2:00 - 3:15 pm - Keynote Speaker - George Carroll 

    George Carroll - Keynote

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    During my senior year of college, I shattered my leg and ankle while preparing for the NFL draft – and my childhood dream was to play professional football. After that, I fell into a deep depression. That’s when I discovered Tony Robbins’ work. Reading Unlimited Power changed my life and helped me work through my own transformation. Inspired by Tony, I started my coaching, training and speaking business in 2009. Today, I use what I learned at Business Mastery to help others. George now serves clients globally. You can see George in action here: http://GCspeaker.com.

    I was born and raised in Colorado and currently live in Oregon. I’m a single father to two high-spirited boys and enjoy spending time at the ocean.

    George Carroll - YouTube


    3:00 - 3:30 - Closing Comments & Door prizes - ESP President