• 6th Grade: 

    Code Academy Programming

    Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of programming logic using introductory concepts in JavaScript and Python.We utilize the OZARIA program. Further exploration in Scratch and Code.org help strengthen the coding knowledge. Using Sphero robotics helps students to apply what they have learned. Everyday examples and clear explanations are used, so students with no prior programming experience can have success.  

    hour of code   sphero   Scratch

    ozaria  Dance Party

    7th and 8th Grade

    Consumer Awareness

    This is a course designed to acquaint students with consumer skills. The basics of personal finance are introduced and include saving, budgeting, inflation, taxes and investing. The virtual investing in the Stock Market experience allows students to research and make investing decisions. After learning how big business operates, we take it down to the small business perspective.

    The capstone project is a student-sponsored Entrepreneur Fair. 

    Savings  Young Entrepreneurs

    Shark TankStock Market