• Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus
    The Bijou School
    2115 Afton Way 80909
    719-328-2060 bijou.d11.org

    The Bijou School serves students in grades 9 -12. We are the Bijou Dragons and we are FIRED UP! We FOCUS on academic achievement; we IMAGINE our academic growth; we show RESPECT through student engagement; we EMPOWER our future with postsecondary workforce readiness.

    We award a District 11 diploma and offer a block schedule of classes with quarterly grades. Classroom size averages 17-18 students, and instruction is delivered with a combination of group work, direct, and individualized instruction. Our curriculum meets Colorado state standards, and assignments must be mastered at an A, B, or C level to receive credit. Students who enroll at Bijou are expected to enroll in a Career Pathway to prepare for their future. (See Career Pathway registration guide for offerings.)

    An empathic, experienced staff encourages and supports students to achieve goals created in their Individualized Career and Academic Plans (ICAP). Teachers use a variety of instructional materials, including online resources, textbooks, and current media. Counselors are available to guide students in meeting their social, emotional, and life goals.

    Please contact The Bijou School’s main office at 328-2065 for enrollment information/ materials, to learn the current status of our waiting list, and dates for any upcoming informational meetings.